Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Radiohead LP "In Rainbows" now Online

Hola Amigos, the new Radiohead album "In Rainbows," is out and available for purchase as a digital exclusive. If you haven't heard yet, Radiohead's no longer on a label, and are therefore letting the consumer pay as much or as little as they want to download it. Later in December the album will be released as a collector's edtion box set with a bonus disc and vinyl as well.

Can't wait to hear how many downloads and sales Radiohead gets off this thing. Gotta give them props for the progressive strategy to distributing music. Word on the interwebs is that Jamiroquai, Nine Inch Nails (recently free of a label as well), and Oasis are following suit.

Over the past year, Radiohead has been previewing some of the tracks off of "In Rainbows" (aka LP7). Here is a performance of "Videotape," the last track on the album, live from Bonnaroo 2006:

Checkout Radiohead's Thom Yorke on the very first edition of the FoundTrack MixTape - July '06

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