Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kanye and Timbaland fine-tune "Stronger"

I've wanted to put in my 2 cents about Kanye West since "Stronger" was leaked, but figured it was a totally saturated point of discussion. Nonetheless, I found this behind-the-scenes video on Kanye's official blog, and it's pretty awesome. It details the process of fine tuning the mix-down of "Stronger," and it shows a side of Mr. West far from his usual public persona. Apparently, Kanye was unhappy with the drums on the track and asked Timbaland- Master of the drum track himself, to consult:

In my opinion, Kanye can talk as much smack as he wants... he's the only guy in the mainstream music game that can back his words up with 3 solid albums in 4 years.

Check out the Mano Remix of "Stronger" on the August '07 FoundTrack MixTape
Check out Timbaland's "Give it to Me" on the March '07 FoundTrack MixTape

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  1. Good video:) I Love timbaland and shamefully listened to Shockvalue all summer. But V, why do these hip hop people have to remix everything? Why can't they just leave Daft Punk alone? haha, J/K! I am not familiar with all the talk about "stronger."
    PS-I am considering your idea of Beatrice t-shirts.