Friday, July 11, 2008

Kobe McFly - Nike Hyperdunk Release at Undefeated

You'd think that almost twenty years after the making of Back to the Future II, we would have flying cars, hovercraft skateboards, and Pizza Hut in 30 seconds or less. Well, last week we finally started to see our first hint of the 2015 BTTF we saw in '89 with the official release of the "Air McFly" Nike Hyperdunk, inspired by the shoes worn by Michael J. Fox in the Spielberg classic. Kobe Bryant attended the release at Santa Monica's Undefeated in a Delorean modeled after the film.

I could see it now, in an effort to promote the Air McFly's while laying rest to the naysayers, Kobe performs the controversial jump over the car but this time in front of a live audience of shoe-gazers with the DeLorean instead of the Maserati. RESULT- When Kobe lands the car is still several feet in front of him due to it's zero to sixty in two and a half minutes. The first 10 people in line got to meet Kobe and got their shoes autographed. Unfortunately, there were only 340 more released, which left many fans empty handed. The rest of us will have to bid it out on ebay, where they are currently going for over $1500. Otherwise, you can rely on these Nu Shooz to get you through if you can't wait or live the dream below.

Special thanks to Marchelle of Bedtime For Toys for always keeping us hip with the new kicks.

(Nike's 2008 "McFly" edition Hyperdunk)

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