Monday, February 23, 2009

KAWS Recap from Honor Fraser

Artist KAWS (of Original Fake, album cover art, magazine graphic design, etc, etc fame) had his LA opening this weekend at the Honor Fraser Gallery this weekend and if I'm not mistaken, the entire population was trying to get in... Checkout this line!:

After a bit of ninja jive talking, we were lucky enough to walk right in and enjoy the artist's funky and colorful pop art pieces. His style is super clean and it's amazing that he does this all by hand. Enjoy a few of his paintings and three dimensional pieces below, and make sure to stop by between now and April 4th to check it out in person:

Honor Fraser

2622 S LA Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles,

KAWS uses colors that would kinda invoke a "WTF?!" if listed next to each other, but somehow or another he makes them work on the canvas:

Apparently the decision to have one of his self-portrait busts fallen to side was a last minute decision by KAWS himself:

It's like a life sized version of one of the Original Fake characters!:

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