Thursday, November 5, 2009

CMJ 2009 - Final Round with FOUND

On my final day in NY, I woke up bright and early to catch my flight back home but made sure to load my ipod with the promo cd's given to me the night before from the Scottish group FOUND so i had something to listen to on the way to the airport. I was really caught by the first track and i began to notice a great range in their repertoire from glitchy electronica in the form of Apparat and Ellen Alien to the rock underpinnings of the Beta Band and Field Music. I tried to read as i was listening but i just couldn't stop paying attention to the sounds. Finally, as the last stop approached for the JFK airport, i heard track 10 of 10. It was "Let Fidelity Break", the best of the lot and i then made an impulsive decision at the Jet Blue counter to cancel my flight plans and extend my stay through Sunday.

Once my gut had steered me back to the city, my only concern was finding out the details of their show in the vast region known as Central Park and making sure not to miss out their performance once again. I emailed the guys in the band from the airport and found out that they were playing at a Pumpkin Festival for the Kidrockers showcase at Bandshell Park in Central Park.

On the day of the show, the sky was full of clouds and the weather was looking bleak and so unpredictable all week so I worried that the rain, which was forecast, would prevent the performance from happening since the park is outdoors. No matter what i was determined to get there rain or shine and do my dilligence in seeing the band. Upon arriving at the event, I ran into the guys and we had some good banter while watching a Best in Show poodle circus performance with live acrobatics on stage...then their was a nice performance from the band Pretty Good Dance Moves, who challenged the kids to a dance-off battle...their was even some drama for their mamas after the show as a little trivial pumpkin pursuit turned sour and might have scarred this kid for and learn.

As Rosie Perez says in the classic tale, White Men Can't Jump...
"sometimes when you really win, you really lose and sometimes when you lose you really win, and sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie you actually win or lose"

...and sometimes when you go to CMJ you see a 4ft talent who may take over the world one day. Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you Guishailo.

That's right! Don't forget where you saw lil' Guishailo first... Just how would FOUND follow up an act of this stature you ask? Well if you can't beat 'em..join em and FOUND did just that by inviting all the kids to come on stage and jam with them as they performed my favorite cut, "Let Fidelity Break." For your viewing pleasure.

Finally, i wanted to interview the band to make sure everyone in the states gets a little more information about my favorite Scottish lads, but the kids once again beat me to it. Go to the FoundTrack's CMJ Channel of our Youtube Page to find out more about these guys like if they can really rock and roll and if the Lochness Monster actually exists?

FOUND after performance with real American Cheese

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