Thursday, November 12, 2009

Orange Peels (Record Release Party) at Bootleg Theatre

So if you're into happy music of the pop variety, Foundtrack friend Maxwell (Maximum Thrills/Viva Radio) helped set up a lil' show in LA for San Francisco band the Orange Peels at the Bootleg Theatre, 2220 Beverly Boulevard in Echo Park tonight at 9:30pm.

It's the Orange Peels album release show for their new record 2020, out now on Minty Fresh Records. The Orange Peels are led by Allen Clapp, who i was introduced to a year ago when i asked former FoundTrack contributor Dev about the meaning of the Twee music genre. Maxwell recommends you check out their finest record in 1994, "100% Chance of Rain" under the name Allen Clapp and His Orchestra. My personal favorite on that fine record is "Something Strange Happens".

The Corner Laughers are coming down with the Peels from San Francisco to support, bringing their ukulele-driven pop sound with them and new local buzzband Pearl Harbor are rounding out the lineup, led by Piper and Skylar (who's only 14!). Pearl Harbour make dreamy pop in the vein of Fleetwood Mac or so sez Pitchfork who recently gave them this review.

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