Monday, November 9, 2009

The Collection x Mahtab Azimi

With Fall here and winter quickly approaching it's time for the ladies to fall into something sexy. The sweatsuit jumpers with the Ugg boots are just not doing it for me - not really sure if they ever did. Don't get me wrong ladies I understand the amount of time and effort involved in getting dolled up must get annoying and bothersome...but I do have a solution!

The Collection by Mathab Azimi is your answer. The designs are simple yet stunning, the fabrics are rich and comfortable .......and the price, well let's just say will allow you to still buy that designer handbag you want!

Mahtab Azimi has created a line that is classy, stylish, sexy and versatile. If the winter night is just a bit too nippy then throw on some leggings under one of the dresses. However if you can bare the cold wear the dress and nothing else! There is a simple elegance to every piece in the collection that makes it one of my favorites!

"The Marilyn is Greek-Goddess inspired. I love draping and shearing. You can see it throughout my entire collection; all of my pieces have draping and shearing details. Every piece is inspired by a person, people, an event, a time in my life, a dream..." - Mathab Azimi

Mathab, I love draping and shearing too and want to see more of it! The Collection has me inspired - inspired seeing the ladies put the "S" back in Sexy! I'm ready to worship a Greek-Goddess...

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