Monday, November 16, 2009

Sui Generis x San Francisco

We are but a blank canvas and fashion is the paint we use to add color to ourselves and our lives! Without fashion life would be rather boring. With that said, fashion is something I love and high fashion is something that I like to indulge in from time to time - yet with the price tag that comes along with high-end garments and the pace at which things become outdated - one could easily go broke chasing the latest and greatest.

While on a recent trip to San Francisco, I was introduced to a store called Sui Generis - what a surprise I found there! Sui Generis is similar to Crossroads Trading or Buffalo Exchange - in the sense that they are a new and recycled retailer. These types of retailers offer great selection at half the price. Yet, let me stress that I use the word "similar." What sets Sui Generis apart from the other two similiar retailers is the quality of the pieces they choose to select and the manner in which they present their selections. Miguel Lopez and Gabriel Yanez have a great eye for fashion! Let me restate that, they have a sixth sense for fashion! Whether you are walking past their intriguing store window display or standing in the middle of their exquisite store amazed by all the splendor - you can feel the passion they have for the art.

During my visit I had to pick up an item - these Prada pants were speaking to me so I had to answer yes!, when they asked me to take them home!

If you are in the San Francisco area do not leave without making a stop @ Sui Generis! Don't take my word for it - San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom sent a letter to Sui Generis congratulating Miguel Lopez and Gabriel Yanez on winning The Best of the Bay Award 2009 for Best Mens Clothing Boutique!!!

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