Monday, November 30, 2009

Rey Fresco x The People

The Band "Rey Fresco" is definitely living up to their name - Translation: King of Cool!!! If you are not familiar it won't be long before you are - and the rest of the mainstream world. This SoCal reggae-rock quartet from Ventura, California are making their way to stardom. You really can't sum up a sound that is as eclectic as this and put it into a category. Their sound is a mixture of various influences that seem familiar to the ear and yet stands alone as something different. Regardless of what category you want to place their music - there is no doubt in my mind that when I am in the presence of these gentlemen, I am in the presence of stars!

I've heard the band on several occasions and let me tell you that their performances are body-moving! Whether it's playing at the local hangout, The Ventura Theater in their own backyard or The Wiltern in Los Angeles - the energy and vibe the band brings is electrifying. Check out the bands website to download a free single off their debut album The People. If you like what you hear download their entire album on iTunes - I already got my copy!

The band Rey Fresco on Rey Fresco!!!

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