Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Drums - LA Debut Review

The surf pop sound that is The Drums finally made their way to a more appropriate coast for their LA debut and sole performance last night before a packed FREE show for their 10pm Spaceland appointment that carried a line down to Silver Lake Blvd's 7-11. The pretty boys from NY were rounded out by a nice back up female vocal harmonic duo and most certainly lived up to their hype with catchy melodic, 80's new wave synth-pop and a thumping drum for their namesake. Was digging the stilo of singer Jonathan Pierce (splitting image of Johnny from Karate Kid) and his voice which was reminiscnet of Echo and the Bunnymen's Ian McCoullough at times but when he'd speak between songs it sounded like he had a british accent. Maybe he's just getting ready for the tail end of their tour, which will be in the UK after this Thursday's show at UCSB. Below is a live video i took from last night's peformance of "Let's Go Surfing", which would even get me in the sea this fall.

I've also featured clips of performances from other notable tracks, "Submarine", and "I Feel Stupid" on the FoundTrack youtube page. Become a subscriber to receive updates on all of our videos, interviews, etc.

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