Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Art meets Machine- F131 Hellcat Combat Powercycle

As a recent M1 licensee, I've been taking to the streets and enjoying the true unity between man and machine - let me tell you it is amazing feeling. Let me also be honest with you, it is nerve wrecking!!! As with many things in life, those that give us the greatest fear or challenge also provide a greater sense of reward. During my window shopping - that is Window PC/online shopping - I've seen several types of motorcycles from various manufacturers (big, small, and one man-bands). The other day I came across something that would make the Boy Wonder himself say, "Good golly Batman!"

The F131 Hellcat Combat Motorcycle may be one of the most beautiful motorcycles I've ever seen. The talented group at Confederate MOTORCYCLES have created a masterpiece of metal, aluminum and rubber. This Bike is Bad A$!!! Although I could never picture Adam West riding this bad boy, I could definitely see Christian Bale scouring the streets of Gotham on the HELLCAT! If I were working for Warner Bros. I would definitely contact Confederate for a concept Bike for the next Dark Knight feature. Clean, lean and mean...this is one hell of a riding machine! The combination of art, craftsmanship and design make this bike number one on my list - unfortunately for me this work of art will set you back around $60K - a little out of my league!

Source: Confederate MOTORCYCLES

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