Monday, March 9, 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Mens Collection

We're a few days late on this one, but we love it nonetheless. Mister Jacobs was poppin' color instead of collars with his Fall 2009 Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. Although the main pieces were keeping it conservative - shades of gray and blue - Marc added just the right touch of color to make his collection pop. The collection is a blend of business and urban wear - think Kanye West and the Agents from the Matrix. Marc showed high-tops, side-zipped track pants, sports coats, suits and scarves. The emphasis was on the layering of various pieces - this under that, under this, over that, etc, with matching ties and scarves as accessories. Sticking with the classics - Marc stuck to tweed, flannel, paisley, herringbone and velvet.

This sweater looks like he stole it from Zack Morris' closet... Maybe Kelly Kapowski will finally date you if you got one!

Love the mix of business, preppy and street, as I like to include a little of the three in my
ensembles. Tennis shoes are just way more comfortable than dress shoes and these days they are just as sleek and dressy.

Pay attention to the layering in the above picture - they are definitiely not joking - these dudes are layered up and accessorized. You can checkout the rest of the Fall 2009 collection and video for the show at the official Marc by Marc Jacobs microsite.

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  1. Are all these dudes related??? It looks like all the models are younger brothers of Drago from Rocky IV