Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Detroit's Underground Resistance": Rad Feature on Detroit Techno by Current Media

FoundTrack's friends over at Current Media (specifically TK) just posted this banger of a video profiling Detroit's "Underground Resistance" music collective, who are some of the main pioneers of Techno Music. In TK's own words:

"Underground Resistance is Techno's original highly efficient, aggressive and very strategic minded unit with an extreme approach to image and marketing whose mobile and fiercely competitive company is not dependent on trends, gimmicks or fads as are other forms of music and their related industries are today."

For those of you who aren't familiar with Current, they're a web and DirecTV based channel that features both user generated AND internally produced material (checkout their recently launched collaboration with Rotten Tomatoes featuring FoundTrack friend and all around funnyman Brett Erlich). Kick back and checkout the rad video... we definitely learned a dope thing or two!:

Source- FoundTrack's good buddy Blake... hopefully soon to be a contributor here!

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