Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adam Bobrow makes "Ping Pong" and "Fresh" fit in the same sentence...

I never thought ping pong could be dope until I met our good buddy Adam Bobrow back in my college radio days at USC's KSCR. Every once in a while this funny dude would stop by our underground hip hop show and start busting freestyle raps in Yiddish, thus earning the MC name "Yid-One." It wasn't until a few years later that I could actually remember that he had a real name and this name was Adam Bobrow.
(Getting down with his "Balls of Fury" costar Christopher Walken. Adam was humble and made sure Walken got some screentime as well)

Adam is one of those funny dudes that everyone on campus seemed to know... crazy Trojan Spirit and I imagine if we were in high school together he would have been the mascot or the class clown or maybe both. Anyway a few years after graduating we started hanging out again and it turns out the dude is a renaissance man of sorts. He plays competitive Table Tennis (he actually refereed the Puma PT3 Tournament we covered a few months ago), performs standup comedy, acts (alongside Christopher Walken in "Balls of Fury" at that), AND he can bust a mad dance move. Mister Bobrow's got a great YouTube channel you should all checkout- To get started checkout this wacky video where the dude combines several of his talents and gets at it with some crazy excessive celebration:

(I've never met another Ping Pong Pimp that looks quite like this, and I doubt you have either)

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