Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trailer to "Where the Wild Things Are" directed by Spike Jonze

"Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak is a classic children's picture book and a very iconic piece of American literature (even though it has a total of 10 sentences of text within it). The story tells the tale of Max, a boy who's sent to his room without supper for causing some mischief. Max ends up going on an imaginary adventure where he encounters some fantastic characters, known as "The Wild Things."

(checkout this and 12 other photo stills over at USA Today)

The book has a massssssive cult following and buzz around a potential film has been abound for years. Well now thanks to Director Spike Jonze (ye of stylish films AND music videos) the story comes to life in a unique take on live action. I haven't had the time to do any in depth reading on the making of this project, but from the looks of this trailer, the Wild Things characters look to be a mix of live action and CG. Jonze's distinct visual art-piece style is perfect for this tale and the trailer features music by the Arcade Fire (who seem to be featured in the trailers to every VISUALLY stunning film recently). Kick back, feel nostalgic, and enjoy:

Seeing as Spike Jonze AND his brother Sam (aka DJ Squeak E Clean of N.A.S.A.) have both recently finished some amazingly creative projects, I'd love to see some video remixes of Where the Wild Things released featuring some N.A.S.A. music!

** Checkout the high quality QuickTime HD version over at Apple Trailers

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