Friday, April 18, 2008

Nick Walker - "Bowler Hatted Vandal" projections

A couple of nights ago, that other famous graffiti artist from Bristol, was up to no good! Nick Walker put on a large-scale and very public stunt in London to promote his new show which opened up at the Black Rat Press Gallery last night at 6pm. Apparently, people were so eager to catch the show that they were lined up in sleeping bags up to 36 hours before the show opened - now that's dedication!

The press release about this says:

"Walker projected his famous ‘Bowler Hatted Vandal’ character onto both the bank of England and Big Ben. Titled ‘V for vandalism’ these huge projections featured a city gent in a pin striped suite giving the V sign. This is the first time any street artist has used projections to do street work and it thought to be the largest work done by any UK street artist including Banksy."

Although, it seems that Banksy may have tried to do this some years ago, and this one a few days ago....

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