Thursday, April 3, 2008

Puma 917 Mid Canvas Sneaker - So Fresh and So Clean

For one reason or another, Converse Chuck Taylors and Jack Purcells never seem to fit me, so I tend to have to go with other company's versions of canvas sneakers. The shoes here are the Puma 917 Mid Canvas. These bad boys really caught my eye because they have a nice clean aesthetic, but have enough features to set them apart - the mid high top with the buckle, the fabric panels by the lace holes, and the signature Puma swoop logo.

If anyone figures out exactly when these will be available, let me know- they're only $45 and are available at Puma Concept stores. For more new canvas shoes checkout the source.

** UPDATE- Another pic, more colors online purchase available at the Puma Europe Shop:

Source- GQ / Details Online (


  1. Nice stuff !! Those Puma canvas shoes is really like my school days shoes.

  2. it best..easy to shuffle

  3. when will the 917 mid cut be released and and where exactly are the puma concept shops? i dont think ive seen one in spore before!

  4. coool
    so coool
    i would love to have them ...but i cant :(
    they are so coool

  5. I want those white ones is it possible to actually purchase them if so does anyone know where?

  6. Has anyone purchased Roger Waters Tickets from the website

  7. can i get it now that was my pat shoue with yellow and black combination