Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rachael Leigh Cook - A Fair and Honest Appraisal by Gill Bumby

Each week our mysterious featured writer, Gill Bumby, provides You, our fair reader, with a "Fair and Honest" appraisal of a public figure. This week we present...

"DUDE!!! Where the HELL have you been? No one has heard a peep from you in YEARS now. Everyone has been calling/emailing/texting you since 2003 trying to get you to hang out, grab a drink, kick it, whatever....but no one ever gets a response every time they try. I know you settled down and got married and what not, but seriously, even married people hang out SOMETIMES. One thing about your low profile that we can all give you props on is not ending up on the cover of trashy tabloids with pictures of your privates hanging out when you exit fancy stretch limos like some of your contemporaries have done in recent years. Good work in that department. You look like you've gotten a little thicker since your 'She's All That' days, but you're wearing it well and the long wavy hair looks GREAT. It's worlds better than some of the cropped styles that you've tried in the past.

I know married life can be hectic, but people miss you and would love to hear how you're doin these days. Even just a text or myspace message will do. Cummon, don't be a stranger..."

Overall rating... 9.1

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