Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Roger Waters x Slick x Coachella - Lost Giant Inflatable Graffitied Pig

Some of you might have already heard about this by now, but during Roger Waters' set at Coachella, a giant inflatable pig was launched from behind the stage and pyrotechnics as Waters began playing Pink Floyd's "Pigs." As if this wasn't crazy enough of a story, turns out the pig floated off into the air after it floated over the crowd and was lost! Checkout this article for the full story and the $10,000 reward to the people that found it:

The one part of the story that is super important though and doesn't seem to be getting much coverage is regarding the artist that was responsible for the awesome graffiti that adorned the big ol' flying piggy- Slick from the Dissizit brand. Here's a photo of him working on the piece before the show, and for the full story, checkout his blog post:

Source- Dissizit! Blog

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