Wednesday, April 16, 2008

YOU ARE BEING WATCHED! - Best Banksy piece yet

International Mystery Man and Street Artist Galore, Banksy, has pulled off his craziest stunt and craziest piece of work yet. This piece showed up in Central London a few hours after construction scaffolding covered in a sheet of plastic was erected in the same place. Under the cover of what passers thought was routine construction work, Banksy struck again and painted this awesome work- "One Nation Under CCTV." While some people might think the US has potential "Big Brother" issues, London is definitely the most well known city in the world to employ mass CCTV security cameras in public places- this work definitely pokes a finger at said issue...

* If you dig this piece, you can checkout more Banksy work here, here and here.

* Listen to a rare music track by Banksy and Danger Mouse on FoundTrack's November '06 MixTape.

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