Monday, May 12, 2008

Addictive TV's Iron Man Remix

Addictive TV is an awesome group based out of the UK that is hired by marketers to "remix" video such as movie trailers, music videos and commercials to make a more viral and unique product out of the original. Take a look at this remix of the Iron Man Trailer they did that ends up turning all the sound affects and visuals into a new electro/breakbeat/hiphop beat:

A little more on Addictive TV in their own words:

We're the London based audio/visual artists and DJ/producers known for our film remix cut-up work - particularly our breakbeat remix of The Italian Job that landed us work for tinseltown. In 2006 we remixed the Antonio Banderas film Take the Lead creating an audiovisual dance track viral for the films promo campaign. The viral also won an award from Adland, the advertising industry website and online archive of commercials.

You can checkout some of the work mentioned above at Addictive's Myspace page.

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