Friday, May 9, 2008

Stylin' New Covers to Classic Ian Fleming James Bond Novels

Penguin Books has commissioned illustrator Michael Gillette to redesign the covers to the classic Ian Fleming James Bond novels (the original source material for the James Bond Films). Love this idea and hope it helps to sell some books and gets a few more people to actually read.

For the original version of the cover above, checkout the invite to FoundTrack's 2007 Valentine's Day Party (conveniently named "From Russia with Love," for the venue of that night- LA's favorite Russian themed Vodka bar and also home to our '07 Holiday Party- Bar Lubitsch). You can view all the other new Bond covers at the illustrator's site.

Penguin's earlier foray into hiring hip artists to redesign classic book covers saw Shepard Fairey (of "Obey" fame) redesign the covers to classic George Orwell novels "Animal Farm" and "1984." Given Fairey's avid usage of communist imagery, red tones and stars, it was a great fit with the undertone of Orwell's stories.

Source- The ever so stylish Kitsune Noir

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