Monday, May 12, 2008

RIM introduces the new Blackberry Bold

RIM, makers of the "Crackberry" have introduced their new model, the "Blackberry Bold." It's the first major new edition in nearly 2 years, and looks like it's going to be another hit amongst the bberry aficionados.

The new model features more internal memory, an improved keyboard, a faster processor and an improved screen and graphics. I'm loving the design aesthetic and casing- too bad the metal rim is plastic though. It also has GPS, 3G High Speed data, Wi-fi and more. While I have to admit that Apple's iPhone is pretty damn cool, the Blackberry still is the more functional of the two devices... find me anyone that can type faster on an iPhone than me on my blackberry and I'll give you $100.

All you AT&T and T-mobile kids should be getting it in the next few months- all of us Sprint and Verizon folks are probably going to have to wait til early '09.

Source- (who subsequently also were the ones to break the story and score an early leaked test model)

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