Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beatbox Flute Player Greg Pattillo (of MISSION)

Greg Pattillo is one member of the experimental jazz/hip hop group PROJECT, who have released their debut album "Winter in June." Pattillo's role in the band is pretty unique, as not only is he the flute player but also the beatboxer (a la Rahzel from the roots, or the legendary Biz Markie). What makes him stand out though is that he simultaneously plays and beatboxes. Checkout this video of Pattillo in action:

While we're on the topic of hip hop fused with other instrumental forms of music, check out this video (which has totally blown up with like 1.5 million views!) of FoundTrack Friend DJ Inka One and Violinist Paul Dateh:

Source- FoundTrack Friend Super Producer Robert J King

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