Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Something for the Ladies, the Ladies- Adidas Y-3 Heels

(Phasma 90 Stretch by Y-3)

So it's been a while since we've featured anything for the fairer sex here on the FoundTrack blog. The shoes here are all part of Adidas' Y-3 collection - a high end collaboration with Japanese uber designer Yohji Yamamoto. I don't really know with what kind of outfit you could actually pull these off, or if you even dig them, but I'm a sucker for anything that combines high fashion with a sporty tech look.

(Phasmalette 90 by Y-3, photo by Anastasia Boutique)

The ones above definitely seem a tad more "normal" but still are kinda risqué and have Adidas' signature 3 stripes on the strap. One thing I noticed is that both of the above have the reverse heel thing going on... wonder if Yohji is biting Marc Jacobs' style?

(Phasmarina 40 by Y-3)

All things considered these things are pretty damn hot, but at the $300-$500 price point, I'm not sure how many of you girls will want to drop the cash to pick them up. But, if you CAN afford them, and are single, give me a call so you can be my sugar-mama and buy me the Mens Y-3s!

Available at the Y-3 Store

Source- High Snobette (the female sister site of High Snobiety)

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  1. I am a shoes and fashion crazy person
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