Monday, May 5, 2008

FoundTrack vs Coachella ... 1 Week Later

Here are a few photos and favorite moments from FoundTrack's excursion to Coachella- We know we're a week late, but it's taken us that long to recover...
(DJ KnewJack and his new friend playing at the Corona Yacht Club)

DJ KnewJack's top moments
* "Rocking out to 'Living in America' and slugging down fruit punch Gatorade vodkas like it was 1995..."
* "Not being able to feel my legs after 2 blisteringly badass hours of losing my mind watching Prince"
* "Runner up... Anthem Party = Hedonistic madness- coulda stayed there all day. They shoulda played some hip hop though!"

(Styles G programming the FoundTrackMobile's top secret super computer)

Styles G's top moments
* "Prince. He 'seperated the men from the boys' (that's a technical Rock n' Roll term)"
* "Purple pleasure cruisin' with Bright Orange Sirens" - more on that to come...
* "$10,000 for an inflatable pig shorn to pieces? God Bless America!"

(Purple Prince People Eater)

(Marchelle modeling our primary source of nourishment for the weekend)

Marchelle from Bedtime for Toys' top moments:
* "Searching for Styles in various locales"
* "Sleeping under the desert stars listening to Portishead while trying to forget the imminent threat of being stepped on by a hippie or hipster"
* "Posing with KnewJack and 2 donkey pinatas miming a sex act at the Anthem Party"

(who says the donkey show only happens in Tijuana?)

(NWA hat and "Boobs on Patrol" t-shirt... I'D kill for either of those)

Nasty Nass' top moments:
"Asking Bijou Phillips to take a picture of US at the Spin Party"
* "Taking a photo with the donkey at the Anthem Party"
* "taking chances eating lunch at a Salvadorian strip mall restaurant, but learning you won when they're playing old episodes of Yo MTV Raps"

(photo by Bijou Phillips)

(V modeling the sunglasses he sweet talked Megan the bartender at the Fader / Boosted party into lending him)

V's top moments:
"Being smuggled OUT of the Filter Party in the back of a pickup with three other random derelicts..."
* "Commandeering the paddle boat at the Smurf Village/BPM Party" (more photos here)
* "Portishead, M.I.A., and the being totally high on life and seeing a giant pig fly by after being kidnapped by Amanda ..."

(crazy ass M.I.A. visuals)

(random girlies who climbed the rafters to get a better view of M.I.A.)

(The FoundTrackmobile - with fully operational sirens and scrolling message marquee for speedy parking exits)

(pigs CAN fly... at least giant graffiti inflatable ones can)

(Wallpaper, once again rocking the house- this time at the Filter Party)

(sometimes we forget what we're actually at Coachella for- the tunes, the tunes, the tunes)

(the fabulous life- lounging at the Fader/Boosted House)

See the FULL GALLERY in the slideshow at the bottom of this post:

* Jose from Indie 103.1 (and Coachella birthday boy) for giving us the heads up on the Spin Magazine party
* Amanda for kidnapping me to see Roger Waters on Sunday night
* Margaret for trying to leave the ticket at will call
* The random guys in the pickup truck that smuggled Styles and I out of the riot at the Filter Party
* Mommy dearest for using her mad hookups to make sure Styles and I didn't end up as squatters on Thursday night
* Boosted, 55DSL, Skull Candy, and Better Bacon for the headphones and t-shirts with the hot designs on them. (All you LA people can checkout Boosted and 55DSL's stuff over at Barracuda)
* The amazing Hispanic lady at the Boosted party that cooked up the most phenomenal carne asada and guacamole we've ever had
* Ohara for hooking us up w his friend at Music Loves Fashion, where consequently my little brother ended up partying a lot longer than I did
* Cheyne (C-town) for waving us into the ridiculously over-capacity Anthem Party
* Jiro for putting up w hundreds of drunk people wanting to have him take a picture of them with his donkey
* Valida for playing non-hipster essentials at said party
* Jazzy for not flaking ;)~
* Shehan for being our honorary Ticketmaster operator when we found out they released more tickets for Saturday (Portishead and Prince day)



  1. wait... you've recovered?!!!

  2. i had such a great time that weekend...we had some good times with the fun-juice

  3. what is with all the donkey action?

  4. jazzy.

    can we go out to dinner and u expain "fun-juice"