Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Batman Gotham Knight (Anime DVD Movie) Featurette

A few years ago when those horrible sequels to the Matrix were being released, Warner Brothers released a straight to DVD animated title called "The Animatrix." The intent was to bridge the gap between the films and explore the content at a level that was deeper than the feature films could get into. The project paired various animators with various writers, and the result was actually better than the Matrix sequels it was intended to promote:

Fans of "The Animatrix" and Batman should dig the news that WB plans on following a similar strategy to promote this summer's super hyped "Batman Begins" sequel, "The Dark Knight" (see the trailer here - early word is that it's going to be awesome). "Batman Gotham Knight" is a straight to DVD release that pairs 6 acclaimed writers (including David S Goyer who wrote "Batman Begins" and Josh Olson who wrote "A History of Violence") with 6 of the top Japanese Animation directors out there. The 6 shorts each tell their own stories but all come together to bridge the gap between the last Batman movie and this summer's one. Checkout the trailer here, and this little cool featurette featuring some of the team that was involved:

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