Thursday, May 29, 2008

Interview with Actor Christian Bale

Must be a sign... I was about to post this, and low and behold Jini just posted THIS. Anyhow, go ahead and read this interview from the new issue of Details if you're a fan of mister Christian Bale, or just a fan of film and the craft of acting in general. I've selected two of my favorite questions and answers below:

In the past you've said you sometimes start telling people stories about things you did as a kid and then realize that you never actually did those things.
"To be honest, it happens a lot. There are so many things which, even knowing that it was in a movie, I still feel like I've been through. And then I have to really rack my brain to work out "Have I actually been through that in my life?" There are occasions when I've pretended to be in a firefight, and then there are people who have really been in a firefight. Clearly it's absolutely ridiculous, and even disrespectful, to suggest that I understand what that is. And it deserves a very hard smack across the face for any actor to ever suggest that they understand. But the power of delusion is incredibly strong."

When was the last time you were mistaken for someone else?
"Yesterday afternoon I was sitting somewhere and somebody started chatting. They said they were an agent, and they asked what I do, and I said, "I'm an actor." And they said, "Oh, how's that going for you?" I said, "I think it's all right." And they said, do I have an agent?
"Yes, I have an agent."
"Well, if you ever need any help getting work, give me a call."
So I said, "Thanks very much." I think the best one ever was when a casting director saw me in a hotel lobby and practically ran at me, holding a script: "Thank god I've finally found you! We have this movie that you're perfect for, and this is an amazing coincidence. The director and producer are not going to believe it, that I just bumped into you! We've been talking about how perfect you are for this role for so long! Finally, I met Christian Slater."
"Christian Bale."
"Excuse me?"
"I said, 'Christian Bale.'"
And she went, "Oh, I'm sorry," took the script, and walked away."

Full interview from the June 2008 issue of Details Magazine, here

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