Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament - aka Visual Design Mortal Kombat

FoundTrack's Fashionable Friends at 55DSL are sponsoring this year's edition of a really cool annual design tournament called "Cut & Paste." Competitors in 3 categories, 2D, 3D & Motion Graphics, are given 15 minutes to battle it out for design glory and bragging rights. The first event was hosted in London, but the 2009 edition will feature a round the world tour- the winners of each regional battle will meet in NYC for the Global Championships.

If you're interested in JOINing the Tournament, visit Cut & Paste's official site and make sure to register by January 14th in the US and February 6th in Europe/Asia. Check out this rad sizzle reel and get pumped up for the new year of design ahead of us- This looks wicked- I'll definitely be at the LA event... Judges from all three design disciplines will be announced in the coming weeks and the LA stop currently include Chevon Hicks of Heavenspot and Adina Sales of Blacklist.

Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament Series 2007 from Cut&Paste on Vimeo.

Source- OverAmerica / 55DSL

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