Thursday, December 11, 2008

FoundTrack's Fall '08 Collection (Track 13/20) - The New Year - The Company I Can Get

The New Year - The Company I Can Get (Track 13/20)
Album - The New Year (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Touch and Go
Photo by Allison Smith

The chiming and spacious sounds found on The New Year's self-titled September release establish a musical progression that expands on the band's earlier work, dating back to the Kadane brothers' earlier incarnation Bedhead. 4 years removed from "The End is Near," what one might expect from these veterans still remains: subtle, often sparse, experimentations in guitar rock offset by ambitious, yet not overpowering accompaniment, highlighted particularly by the emergence of majestic piano work. The first single, the relatively bright "The Company I Can Get," demonstrates this conceptual nucleus perhaps more aptly than any cut on the album, pushing soft, clear, almost twinkling guitar to the forefront of a lurching piano melody. The lyrics of the song, and the album as a whole, for that matter, reflect a consistently honest demeanor that is largely somber, but tinged with guarded optimism.

You can check out another sampling from the new album, "X Off Days," and for those of you who don't already own the album, here's the third of a series of simple, but elegant trailers that captures what The New Year is all about, featuring the aforementioned "The Company I Can Get:"

The New Year just wrapped up tours through the eastern U.S., and most recently, Europe.

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