Wednesday, December 24, 2008

FoundTrack's Fall '08 Collection (Track 16/20) - Woolfy - Odyssey

Woolfy - Odyssey (Track 16/20)
Album - Odyssey 12" (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Rong

Simon "Woolfy" James is an L.A. transplant via London, growing up in a musical pedigree from pops, who managed Yes, The Bee Gees, Desmond Dekker, and the Stranglers to name a few. Obviously influenced by his father's clientèle, it is no wonder that Woolfy put his paw on the needle to make musical footprints all over the LA scene as a DJ in the early 90's, opening for such acts as DJ Krush, Antibalas, and Jurassic 5. In 2000 Woolfy would have a chance meeting with multi-instrumentalist Dan Hastie (Breakestra, Orgone, Lions) in a little pub in the valley, which Woolfy now owns, and together they would form an 8-yr musical collaboration called Projections, which recorded material fusing live instrumentation with sampled breaks and beats from their favorite 70's funk and rare groove records. After a few successful releases on Guidance recordings and some collaborations with Plantlife and the Pharcyde, Woolfy met DJ Spun of NY's Rong Records, and they began releasing his solo work on the new Rong/DFA imprint, including the 12" single for our featured "Odyssey", a crafty-cosmo funk cut with a perfect dose of soul.

Woolfy has just released the latest from his Projections project, The Astral Projections of Starlight on Germany's Permanent Vacation. Here's a little preview with "Neeve", what sounds like part 3 of Another Brick in the Wall.

neeve.mp3 - Woolfy

Make sure to have a pint at his Canoga Park Pub, the Scotland Yard, in honor of their 20-year anniversary. Cheers.

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