Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ARMREVOLUTION - Arm Architecture for Men

Gentlemen, we are yet again armed with an artillery of weaponry to accompany us through the daily battles of urban warfare - ARMREVOLUTION. ARMREVOLUTION is a London based company specializing in the manufacturing of high-end cuff wear. "ARMREVOLUTION focuses on reinventing luxury, designer cuff links. With patent-pending designs so unique that we refer to them as "Arm Architecture". ARMREVOLUTION is a movement for radical change in luxury men's accessories and membership."

Their designs remind me of an industrial modern take on ancient medieval weapons that men would carry with them into battle - choose wisely gentlemen and pick your weapon of choice. Full arsenal below.

The pictures below show an urban solider armed with his weapon of choice - Design #8 - Sharp Lines. Simplicity Itself. Patent-Pending. Finest Japanese Stainless Steel. Innovative Closure System.

Design #13 - Mysterious. Exquisite. Patent-Pending. Finest Japanese Stainless Steel. Innovative Closure System.

This one has to be one of my favorite designs - Design #8

Men have always kept it simple with accessories. So when we DO wear an accessory, you best believe it has to be done right. ARMREVOLUTION definitely understands that and stresses it with their simplistic design and craftsmanship - I mean these cuff links look like they were forged out of the same cast that the blacksmith forged Conan's Sword from (**UPDATE from V- yeah, if Conan's Sword was manufactured on the Death Star!)!

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