Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jini's Pick of the Week - Kidrobot x Selfridges

The first time I heard about Kidrobot was when I lived back in LA and my friends had set up a myspace page for a smoking rabbit! So, now I'm glad that London is giving the bunnies some high-profile love now too! One of my favourite department stores in the whole world, Selfridges has teamed up with the Kidrobot guys to create a Kidrobot universe in Selfridges' Wonder Room concept store, complete with a store gallery and shop showcasing the brands toys, tees, hoodies and a collection of original print bags. If you want some exclusive dunnys and munnys, check it out now (or just admire the giant pink bunny in the store window as I do every night on my way home from work!)
The Kidrobot x Selfridges Store-gallery will be located at 400 Oxford Street and will operate from January 22 through February 21.

Kidrobot x Selfridges - Ye Olde English Dunny Launch Party from Kidrobot on Vimeo.

Source: hypebeast

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