Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creative Packaging- CK One's "We Are One" MP3 Bottles

Calvin Klein's "CK One" has been a go-to fragrance for both Guys AND Girls for many many years now (although recently I've tended to be a Varvatos man). The brand has always done a good job of maintaining it's brand identity through a variety of means including those infamous Kate Moss ads, special events, and the occasional repackaging stunt. This year, CK is packaging bottles of their signature fragrance in a case that includes a built in MP3 player and speaker as part of its "We are One" campaign. The idea behind the campaign is that music is the universal language- You know that we here at FoundTrack definitely agree with that statement! Keep an eye out for these limited edition beauties starting in March...

Source- NotCot

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