Thursday, February 26, 2009

FoundTrack's Winter '09 Collection (Track 6/22) - Starfucker - German Love

Starfucker - German Love (Track 6/22)
Album - Starfucker (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Badman

Starfucker is the synthesis of three multi-instrumentalists from Portland but their simply irresistibly melodious notes takes form in a galaxy of their own invention with live drums, drum machine, keyboards, guitars, and turntablism. The group is led by home recording superman Josh Hodges, building the band on a foundation of philosophical discoveries found after a 10 day meditation retreat in Thailand and a common brotherly love for basketball. Their inspired commitment to this playful spirit generates an unpredictable live experience, especially when Ryan Biornstad is flaunting his polished dance moves crunched between both drum kits before making his way to record scratching, keys, vocals and guitar. Go to KCRW's CMJ page for a sample i was able to capture in the basement of NY's cake shop. Here's a video from one of their standout tracks, "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the second", named after a close friend of Josh's who hypnotized him and relinquished his anxiety and hopelessness, before his spiritual journey to the far east. The video features animation and direction by Andrew Sloan (Monstrous Media).

Starfucker are about to embark on a nationwide tour. They come to the echo with master shredder Marnie Stern on March 25th. Check their myspace for the complete list of dates.

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