Monday, February 9, 2009

Yohji Yamamoto's Adidas Y-3 Spring Summer '09 Collection

It looks like Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 Collection for Adidas continues to flourish. All of these footwear pieces come from the line's Spring/Summer '09 collection and feature simple updates on classic trainer design. These shoes all seem to follow a k.i.s.s. aesthetic while maintaining a unique feel. Take a look at a few samples from the collection and keep in mind I only picked a few of my favorites to showcase- you can checkout the rest of the collection, here:

Love the embossed take on the classic Adidas 3 stripes on these ones:

These bad boys should make up for the lack of the Adidas "Country" model in recent years. The offset lace hole is a cool touch:

What would this patent leather colorway be called?... marble/cabernet? Whatever it is they're awesome:

Can't go wrong with the classic sprint model:

Awesome job on the fading flannel like pattern on these ones:

Source- Hypebeast

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