Friday, January 25, 2008

Coverse x (Product) Red x Kenji Nakayama

Converse has teamed up with Boston based stencil artist Kenji Nakayama for the 9th custom shoe from their 1HUND(RED) Artists’ squad. The shoe is based on Coverse' Jack Purcell model- the red line is meant to represent a timeline, with the vertical lines representing moments of time passing.

As you one might assume by the branding, the 1HUND(RED) series supports Bono's AIDs benefit, Project (RED). To date the series has featured shoes designed by artists as Camilla Engman, John Minardi, and Michael White who created a tribute to his late brother, Dondi White.
Nakayama got his degree in mechanical design in Hokkaido, Japan, and currently at the age of 28 is one of the sickest designers around. A lot of his works are stencil based like the above. While the pieces are definitely stenciled, many often think that they must be produced via other methods such as screen printing, due to their immense complexity. For those of you in Boston/Cambridge, Nakayama's work is currently on exhibit at Gallery 38 until March 1, 2008.

Speaking of Project (RED)'s head-honcho Bono, checkout Saul Williams' cover of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" on FoundTrack's November 2007 MixTape

Source- Complex Blog's Kicks of the Day

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