Friday, February 22, 2008

Fair & Honest Appraisals by Gill Bumby

Gill Bumby, a strange and wise fellow whom the FoundTrack recently befriended has been selling “fair and honest appraisals” of strangers’ appearances since 2006. Rocking an identity protecting mask, he sets up his typewriter at various street locations, events, and parties and proceeds to evaluate you with pure honesty. That said, his writings are never harsh nor are they intended to be- for the most part they turn out to be funny and almost psychic. For more info, checkout this feature on him from Time Out Magazine.

Starting next Wednesday, Gill will be contributing a weekly "Fair and Honest Appraisal" feature on this here blog. The subject could range from a politician, to a celebrity, to whatever the hell he feels like appraising that week.

Mr. Bumby was nice enough to fly out to LA from his home in NY and appraise the lovely party-goers at our recent FoundTrack February Fiesta. Here are a few festive examples:

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