Thursday, February 7, 2008

Film Trailer- "Defiance" starring Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber

While I have smack talked Apple's Macbook Air, I do have to admit that once a month or so I fiend going to Apple's Movie Trailer site and catching up on all the new high quality quicktime trailers they post. While I'm pretty aware of most of the upcoming films, somehow or another, "Defiance" fell under my radar. It happens to star one of my current favorite actors, Daniel Craig. I used to debate whether Craig or Clive Owen (who seemed to blow up around the same time) was the better actor. I recently saw "Infamous" (the "other" Truman Capote movie... just as good in my opinion) and I think Craig's performance in it was better than or at least as good as Owen's performances in films such as "Closer."

But hence, I digress from the film at hand. Defiance, which will be distributed by Paramount Vantage, tells the true story of Jewish refugees in World War II Russia that band together in the forest, fight against the Germans, and survive until the war's end. While the film has an "Indie" aesthetic to it, I think it could be one of those sleeper "specialty films" that can attract a larger audience.

For one thing, Daniel Craig's upcoming follow-up to the incredibly successful James Bond 007 refresh film "Casino Royale", couldn't possibly hurt "Defiance's" buzz (well maybe it's wacky title "Quantum of Solace" might...). Throw in Liev Schreiber (who will go up against Hugh Jackman in 2009's "Wolverine" origin film) and Oscar winning writer/producer/director Ed Zwick ("Blood Diamond") to round things off, and it definitely looks promising...

While you're at Apple's trailer site, checkout the subsection they setup for all the nominees of the 80th Academy Awards:

More info on Craig: Daniel Craig News

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