Thursday, June 5, 2008

Adidas Consortium's Nizza

The last time we featured something from Adidas' Consortium division, the post ended up getting a lot of good feedback. Therefore, what else could we do but bring you some more goodness? One of the most recent classic editions to get the Consoritum treatment is the "Nizza Hi" - the Nizza is basically kinda like Adidas' version of the Converse's classic canvas shoes, the All Stars.

The Nizzas are definitely another awesomely successful experiment from the Adidas Laboratories. The models featured here come in an awesome blue/gold colorway and an orange/silver colorway. Both versions are limited to 390 pairs worldwide and you can pickup a pair for $130 at the Kix-Files online store. Kix-Files is pretty awesome and even has the Consortium Superskate Street Radiant Stripes we featured a few weeks ago available for $165 (380 pairs worldwide). For an even better deal on the Nizzas, you can always try a quick google search for them.


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