Tuesday, June 24, 2008

O'Neal's freestyle receives Shaq-lash

Today Shaquille O Neal lost his special deputy's badge in Maricopa County because of his ridiculous freestyle mock of former teammate Kobe Bryant. What poor judgement from Shaq and even poorer judgement by the Sheriff ; Doesn't he realize that we need intimidating figures like Shaq in the police force to make sure films like Kazaam and Steel never see the light of day again? In case you missed it or you're like me and want to watch it again...here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Oh that video will never get old...wish i could say the same for Shaq.
Wouldn't be surprised if David Stern wrote the lyrics to that freestyle as this is sure to boost the NBA's ratings next year. If you think Kobe's angry, you're wrong. He knows exactly what it's like to make records and drop some hoop hyperboles in the rap game. Check out his first performance on national TV.

For some real underground bball rap with beautiful lyrics and a good message, make sure to check out our favorite 80's PSA from Magic and the Lakers.

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