Monday, June 30, 2008

LA Film Fest Coverage - American Teen Review + Trailer

I must say one of the ultimate movie-viewing experiences from this year's LA Film Festival was the American Teen screening this past week at the open-aired Ford Amphitheater. Although i always look forward to movie trailers before the feature presentation, this night featured a special preview of a band that is coming soon to an ipod near you. Sunny Day Sets Fire, who are also featured in the film's impressive soundtrack, are a 5 piece about as diverse as the 5 Indiana high-school seniors we follow throughout Nanette Burstein's feature documentary. However when coming together, both the band and the film's characters were able to win over their largest audience thus far with their charm and innocent whit.

Sunny Day Sets Fire - Photo taken by Scott Schultz - LA Record

Although it was difficult at times to believe the certificate of authenticity in these impressionable high school figures experiencing their senior year through wireless mics and a camera lens, i still feel the film, even if treated as a piece of fiction, could step up to any other film in the festival after school by the oak tree at 3' o clock. Since i preferred to remove any expectations i won't burden you with any of mine. I will however leave you with the film's trailer and encourage you to see it for yourself when it comes to a theater nearest you on July 25th through Paramount Vantage.

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