Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ridiculousy Cool looking Louboutin shoes for the Ladies

Look, like I mentioned last week, I don't know the first thing about shoes for chicks. That said, from a design standpoint, these things are totally rad. Don't even know what particular models these are, but they're from high end designer Christian Louboutin. According to Louboutin's Wikipedia entry, Angelina Jolie and Madonna are big fans, and they seem to know what's going on when it comes to Fashion. If anyone knows what models these are, go ahead and drop a comment. Somewhere out there my future wife is walking around wearing these... or more likely, is going to make me buy them for her.

** Speaking of Madonna, make sure to checkout DJ KnewJack's latest DJ Mix, "Behold the Spartacus"


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