Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nike's Air Zoom Talache Low "Rock 'n Roll" pack

These here bad boys are called the Air Zoom Talache Lows. I'm not usually a Nike fan but these shoes are pretty unique compared to most of the brand's other designs. What really sets them apart though is this awesome colorway called the "Rock 'n Roll" pack. The black on black thing is awesome on these, while the white sole adds just enough flare.

While the Talache's have a simple aesthetic that may make you think they're a pretty low tech day to day trainer, they actually are quite the opposite. They incorporate structural elements from the Air Max's, the Air Huarache's (one of my person faves) and the Zoom Air's. What does alll this mean for all you non-Nike heads out there?... a damn comfy fit so you can go out there and flaunt in comfort!

** Available at Japan's Mita Sneakers (good luck if you can't read Japanese!)


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