Thursday, June 19, 2008

KCRW Music Library is Reborn

As if you needed another reason to listen to KCRW...this month they've launched their digital music library which might just grow up to be the size of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. What's even better is that great soundtracks like Ghostbusters will be included in the digitization : ) Anyhow, compliments to the chef..i mean chief librarian Eric J. Lawrence who also enjoys marshmallows on occasion. Every day this month he will be showcasing the hidden luster from the dusty vinyl unearthed from over 60,000 titles in his special "Basement Tracks" Series available to stream on demand on the KCRW website.

After 20 days, Eric's already included exclusive live station recordings from Wilco, Beck, Pavement and Frou Frou early in their career. BTW- these are a sample of over 1,200 live performances and counting. I can almost guarantee he'll show you a Happy Birthday song you've never heard before, a graduation song with high honors and my personal favorite for Father's day, Woody Herman's "Ah, You're Father's Moustache" from 1945...see below for more details

Today's Tune features Time Zone's "World Destruction" feat. Afrika Bambata, which is one of the first songs to mix elements of rap and rock and is a rarity found in Pauly Shore's out of print Bio-Dome soundtrack. If you like Eric's taste in not just marshmallows, I strongly recommend his show on Sunday evenings/Monday mornings from 12-3am for a good dose of knowledge dropping before you start your week. If it's past your bed-time, listen on demand here.

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