Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why the Lakers Lost!

I'm still recovering from that constipated comeback from the Lakers. Not one to harp on superstition but do you find the following a bit odd?

The Curse of #17
The Celtics 17th championship won on the 17th day of June with their MVP, #34 (multiple of 17) Paul Piercing the lowly Lakers without the likes of their young stud Andrew Bynum (#17). And by the way, this is Phil Jackson’s 17th year as an NBA head coach.

2) I Love LA
We featured Randy Newman's "I Love LA" on our June '08 mixtape, anticipating a Laker win in the NBA Finals. It would have been too good to be true. Lesson- Don't count your eggs before they hatch.

3) Losing Voices

Lakers have yet to recapture a title since they lost their voice (Chick Hearn) and the NBA lost theirs (the NBC network). The game and the Lakers season may be in the refrigerator now but imagine what a difference an intro would have made if we had heard New Ager John Tesh's "Roundball Rock" instead of the ABC/ESPN's over the top outtake .. compare the two below

Don't mean to disappoint all of you NBC ballers but the ABC/ESPN contract expires at the 2015-2016 season. This video demonstration and these telling stats are brought to you by Nate Jones, the budding bball super-agent to be. Go and Check out his blog ,, for the best NBA analysis in the land.

** update from V- I guess the 80s Laker's Rap Pump Up video didn't work. Man, I KNEW we shouldn't have given Iron Man Laker board shorts on the June '08 MixTape cover...