Thursday, March 6, 2008

Converse x John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2008 collection

Amongst all the collaborations that are happening between sportswear brands and high fashion designers, the Converse x John Varvatos line remain the benchmark (The only consistent competition seems to be Adidas x Yohji Yamamoto's Y3 line, but these tend to be a bit too high fashion for most people and definitely at a more inaccessible price point).

Opinions about brands aside, the spring/summer 2008 Varvatos Converse line is out fresh from the oven. I'm a white shoe kind of guy, so the pair at the top is my fav- Have loved the double laces ever since this line started. The red slip-on pair above is pretty simple, but the fine details really make it- the material and dye are really on point, as is the stitching. Lastly, for all you rockers out there, this crazy black pair might fit your style (they'd go well with these crazy sunglasses):

One last tangent while we're on the topic of Varvatos and consistency- his cologne is modern classic scent, and the packaging design even more so is wicked. As for the fairer sex, if Prada isn't your thing, there IS a Varvatos perfume as well. Ladies, until we can all afford custom fragrances, buy your guys some of this stuff and you'll both be happier:

** See more at the Source- UNTYTELD Music Art Fashion blog and Converse's official site

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