Friday, January 16, 2009

Radtastic T-shirts by "Hips and Hair" - Be a Walking Canvas! (or a member of the Kelly Kapowski fanclub...)

("Love Me")

So last Saturday at the Apartment 3 moving sale, I noticed a few really rad and clever t-shirts by a new brand called "Hips and Hair" that seemed to be screen printed really really well. Moments later in a total "it's a small world" fashion, I bumped into my colleague Jordan from work and it turns out that his buddy Jonathan (who was also there) is the artist behind the brand:

(Hips and Hair Founder and Artist, Jonathan Bussiere rockin' one of his designs "Graff on Legs")

I learned from Jonathan (and through a bit of reading on the Hips and Hair blog), that the idea behind the brand is to create unique pieces of art in uber low quantities and print them using the best means possible. Therein, the owner / wearer of said shirt is essentially a fantastic walking canvas. I'm always down to support up and coming brands, but often times quality is a factor with new lines and the imagery is less than original. As for Jonathan's t-shirts, I'm happy to say the opposite is definitely true. The printing quality is meticulously high and more importantly the art is totally unique.- Jonathan's blend of iconic imagery mixed with abstract color is wickedlicious. Take a look at some of the designs below from recent collections and decide for yourself- If you're digging it you can purchase pieces directly from the Hips and Hair online store.

American Psycho is one of my favorite films and I'm a big Senor Bale fan, so this one totally popped out to me as an immediate favorite... love the use of the quote on the back of the shirt:

("Wayfarer Dream" - front)

("Wayfarer Dream" - back)

Who DOESN'T think Sophia Loren is one of the hottest ever?:

("Smokin Sophia")

Here's a sneak preview of a piece coming out in the Spring '09 Collection- Currently this takes the prize as my favorite of all of the Hips and Hair designs. Let's be honest here- which teenage dude in the 90s' heart DIDN'T have a Kelly Kapowski crush?!:

(Kelly Kapowski Ruined My Life)

And finally, I'm a sucker for great and original packaging- each Hips and Hair shirt comes in an individually hand painted 1 gallon chrome paint can!:

As long as Hips and Hair keeps pumping out fresh designs, expect to see way more coverage of their line on this here blog in the near future...

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