Tuesday, March 18, 2008

NoPattern - The Graphic Design work of Chuck Anderson

(photo credit Lodown Magazine)

At 22 years old, Chuck Anderson is doing work for clients such as Absolut, Adidas, Dolby, Nike, Nokia, and Triple Five Soul- a feat many older designers have yet to claim. His style combines photography, line drawings, and computer graphics to create a unique fluorescent accented style. In addition to print advertising work, he's also designed fashion pieces such as shoes and jackets, and album artwork for musicians such as Lupe Fiasco:

This crazy piece is a new snowboarding jacket called the "Light Camo" from Burton's '09 Collection:

For more info and a full portfolio of Anderson's work, checkout his official site. A book of his work entitled "Project NoPattern" is available at NP&CO:

Listen to more Lupe Fiasco on FoundTrack's November '07 MixTape

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