Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Work of Artist, "The Mac" aka "El Mac"

(photo source- Juxtapoz)

"The Mac" aka "El Mac" is a multi talented artist that got his start in graffiti as a member of LA's famed Seventh Letter crew. El Mac is well known for being able to create nearly photo realistic images out of paint. The piece above is a more recent work and plays on the whole inverted/solarized effect that you usually achieve in post production by using Photoshop.

I really dig how works such as the above blend classic elements of painting with the raw edginess of street art. The following mural is one of my favorite pieces for several reasons- it is the piece that actually got me turned onto the work of not only Mac, but also of FoundTrack Friend Retna (who was featured at the "Will Rise" show):

True story- I was actually driving up La Brea a few years ago, saw this thing on the side of the street and was amazed by it- I immediately pulled over and put my hazards on, ran out and took a picture of it. Much to my luck, once I got the photo uploaded, I noticed the artist's name on the corner and got in touch with Retna who told me to come out and say what's up while he was painting another mural on Melrose a few days later. You see, Retna and Mac work together sometimes- in the case of this piece, Mac did the painting of the girl's face, and Retna added his signature abstracts to it. Very cool stuff.

Checkout The Mac's official site, and the Seventh Letter's Known Gallery for more

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